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Heavy Repair Services

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Heavy Equipment

Line Boring

To ensure proper repair, alignment and to prevent unnecessary damage, Brink's Welding has years of experience and high-quality tools to provide accurate line boring services. Brink's Welding provides on-site line boring for heavy equipment's hinge points that typically wear oblong due to all of the stresses and strains they take from the high pressures involved in their work. Below are a few examples of Brink's Welding's line boring jobs.

BrinksWelding-LineBoring1 BrinksWelding-LineBoring2

BrinksWelding-LineBoring3 BrinksWelding-LineBoring4


In many cases, instead of moving the broken part to a shop for repair, Brink's Welding brings the shop to the job site minimizing downtime.

Mechanical Repairs

Repair Services

Hydraulic pumps are critical components of many kinds of heavy equipment because they provide hydraulic fluid to the entire system. When hydraulic pumps fail, machinery will not operate well and the entire hydraulic system can be affected. Below are some photos of Brink's Welding's repair of failed pumps.

Customer presented an industrial pump with a broken connection point, which another shop tried to repair. Old broken part(s) were removed, the site repaired and re-machined for return to service.

  • BrinksWelding-PumpRepair1
    Before Repair
  • BrinksWelding-PumpRepair2

Machining — Shaft Rebuilding

When a machine’s drive shaft, axle are worn from loosely spinning bearings or a lack of maintenance, ordering or fabricating a new part can be time-consuming and expensive. Brink’s Welding is able to rebuild most shafts quickly and at a competitive price.

Customer had a metric shaft with 2-piece pulleys and bearings which had worn grooves into the shaft. Brink’s Welding was able to repair, machine, and reinstall new bearings to keep the customer in production.

    • Shaft Repair Before
      Before Repair
    • Shaft Repair After

Field Modifications

Tree Sheer Arms are prone to bending, twisting and even breaking at times. Brink's Welding has repaired many Tree Shear Arms and examples of our work are below.

    • Tree Sheer Arm During
      During Repair
    • Tree Sheer Arm After
      After Repair
  • Tree Sheer Arm Spare
    A spare arm was constructed to keep downtime to minimum

Fabrication — Custom Parts

Equipment and machinery have many small parts which break over time or just wear out. Brink’s Welding can custom fabricate those needed small part quickly and efficiently. In addition, Brink’s Welding can produce pre-production models/samples as needed.

Small parts for a high speed conveyor. OEM Parts were not available to meet the customer’s schedule,
so Brink’s Welding manufactured these parts to keep the customer in production.

Innovative Problem Solving

Below are examples of small parts that Brink's Welding has repaired and rebuilt for customers.

Customer machine has heavy duty bolts made of carbon steel. The machine is used in a wet environment,
so the bolts rusted and were worn with time. As “off the shelf” metric fine thread bolts were not readily available,
Brink’s Welding manufactured stainless steel metric fine thread bolts to get the customer back on line,
and provide extended wear time.